Tasmanian Health Service - Service Plan

The annual Tasmanian Health Service Plan documents the type and levels of health services to be provided by the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) and the funding to be provided to the THS for the delivery of these services. The current service plan covers the period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. Any amendments to the service plan that are made during this period are documented as either Service Plan Revisions or Amendments.

It is a requirement, under the Tasmanian Health Service Act 2018 (the Act), that a THS Service Plan is approved by the Minister for Health before 30 June each year.

The Service Plan is a joint product of the Department of Health and Tasmanian Health Service.

The Service Plan sets out:

  • a schedule of services to be provided by the THS
  • performance goals and objectives for the THS
  • performance standards, performance targets and performance measures for the THS
  • reporting requirements
  • a THS performance management process
  • THS funding provisions.

In line with the Act, the Service Plan, or an amendment, is to be tabled before each House of Parliament, within 10 sitting days after it is signed.

A requirement of the National Health Reform Agreement is that the Service Plan is publicly released within 14 days of their finalisation.

The THS Service Plan and Service Plan Revisions or Amendments are located at the links below.